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Storytelling, speeches and social media: Create a synergy that makes a difference.

At the bottom of this blogpost you will find all the material Rune Kier and I presents in our presentation at:

2013 Speechwriters and Executive Communicators Conference in Washington D.C.

Rune KierTrine NebelEverybody talks about storytelling. But how do you do it? Humans have been telling stories since we lived in caves, and it works! It has the power to make or break the teller’s reputation—and the self-perception of the audience. Speeches are ideal for storytelling, and with the help of social media the speeches can live long before, during and after the actual speech and give real value for money to your speaker.

Trine Nebel and Rune Kier will demonstrate how to use storytelling in speeches and on social media all the way through the “sender – message – receiver” model. They will draw from examples in their own work as corporate and political speechwriters, social media strategists and storytellers.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Go from just being on social media to strategically using it to serve your speech and brand
  • Tell stories in speeches and on social media using tools that are ready to go from day one
  • Create value-for-money by making the stories you tell in speeches come to life long before, during and after the speech
  • Engage citizens and customers in the story you tell so deeply that it becomes their own
  • Exploit the power of the crowd and engage audiences on social media with these easy-to-use, step-by-step examples
  • Easily put visual storytelling to work in speeches and on social media

Link to our Pinterest-board made for the presentation.

Trine on Twitter and link to the Primeministers alternative New Years Speech.

Neil’s Dublin Speech gathered on Storify

Rune Kiers Thesis. About Race for Agency. University of Copenhagen.

Beth Haydens guide til succesfuld brug af det sociale medie Pinterest.

Trine and Runes Powrerpoint Slides from Ragans Speechswriters Conference 2013

Rune Kier, the speechwriter for the Danish center-left think tank CEVEA, works with social media strategy and has published about storytelling in places as diverse as Brazilian race relations, U.S. presidential politics and the communication of political visions in Denmark.

Trine Nebel is a freelance executive speechwriter, reputation management adviser and author of two books. She has worked for the National Police Department in Denmark, prosecutors, defense attorneys, CEO’s, corporate brands and politicians.

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